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~~If you don’t enjoy feminist rants then please, stop reading right here.~~ 
First of all, I do not understand how women can possibly be against feminism even in the slightest. Do anti-feminist women just think, ‘Oh yes I would love to live in a world where I am unable to do anything that I want to do, be unable to go out to work and have a career in a profession I would love to work in, I would absolutely love for marital rape to still be legal and be unable to vote.’ There are so many fucking things that previously women were not allowed to do as a result of inequality and sexism yet these women whom are against feminism seem perfectly content to disregard all of the work that has been done to get us where we are today. So yes, if you would genuinely enjoy having all of your liberties and rights as a woman taken away then feel free to be an anti feminist woman. However for those that are happy with their lives how they are now and would not like to be inferior to men then I suggest you stop supporting anti feminists, because in short, you are a disgrace to all women and pretty sure if you actually opened your eyes and realised how much still needs to be done then maybe you wouldn’t associate with such fucking morons.
To me, it is incomprehensible as to why anti feminist women exist. Something that made me realise just how much feminism is needed was, when researching about a rape that occurred at Reading Festival on the Friday night was that one of the news article headline’s was ’ ‘raping’ at Reading Festival’. Now why on earth did they feel the need to put inverted commas around the word raping? As if it’s not a real crime, I mean, when reporting about a murder etc, it would most certainly not say ‘murder’ because murder is seen as a real crime however even in this day and age, rape is not seen as a real crime. It very much so is a crime and one which can ruin someone’s life, many women would much rather be killed rather than raped, which has been portrayed recently in Orange Is The New Black. It just shows how fucked up our society really is and yes I am aware that I’m just a young girl with far too much to say, but it needs to be said and what I’m basically expressing is how ridiculously stupid some people can be (especially women whom are against other women working to make their lives better, for them to feel safe and be equal to men) and, still, how a crime such as rape, is not taken seriously.
(by kelsie)

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